Why a McNeill Guitar

• Beauty – I love to make guitars that are beautiful, that make a statement, and have something to say.

• Craftsmanship – I am a perfectionist, very meticulous in my work, and I just can’t be happy with my work if it is not the best

• Sound – you can expect a guitar with a sound you enjoy listening to as you play, with rich lows, a nice balance, ringing high notes, and lots of sustain.

• Common sense construction – I don’t cut corners to save a dollar.

• Have it your way – it’s not Burger King, but you can have it your way in design, materials, appointments, neck size and shape, etc…  It’s your guitar.   I will advise you as much as you like, but will help you sort out and discover what you really want and like.

• An enjoyable experience in the process – my clients find the whole process to be fun and enjoyable.  I listen well, you get to help select the woods and be a part of the whole process including pictures along the way.  I even do mock-ups of finger board and peghead inlays for clients when they need a little extra something to help them decide what they like best.

• I’m serious about building fine guitars – I have studied guitar voicing under Ervin Somogyi and the guitar building process from Charles Fox.

• Lastly, you will be glad you did.  The enjoyment of having one of my guitars will begin with the design of your guitar and carry all the way through ownership.  One client put it this way, he had a hard time deciding whether he is just going to enjoy looking at his McNeill guitar, or pick it up and play it.